♦️If you wanted to buy an original Mini სუნამოები გრამობით? Many perfume lovers have the desire to buy a mini perfume. The reasons for this are:
👉Familiarize yourself with a new fragrance before purchasing the full size, which is the right solution if you don't know what the perfume smells like.

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Of course, we can enter a branded Bitik and use the demonstration tester in the window. However, there are nuances here too: some people shy away from taking a tesseter in a store and pouring it on - they somehow feel obliged to buy a perfume after this procedure.
For those who are more daring, having a tester in the store is not always a solution either; The point is that some fragrances immediately fit on the skin and instantly become friends. Some aromas need to be measured, adjusted, you have to wear them for a day or two - to find out if you are compatible with each other.
Having perfume miniatures is another big plus for those who love perfume variety. I really love perfumes and I don't think I should have one perfume for every occasion. It's the same as having the only pair of pants (if you're a lady, a dress) that you can wear to a holiday or to the office.
It is impossible to find a fragrance that will suit every shade of mood, every season. Every time a new perfume comes out, buying it is not a cheap pleasure. But the decisive factor when buying mini perfumes is not only price and variety.
It happens that you especially like some perfume. And we buy a full size bottle. You want to smell this fragrance all day long, but you don't want to carry around a rather heavy bottle. An easy way out of the situation is to carry a mini perfume with you.