CIEL Perfume Laboratories

Where are our fragrances made?

Perfumes for CIEL are created in the world's leading perfume laboratories, where CIEL perfumers create aromas for famous fashion houses.

Caring cosmetics

The company has been a member of the DSA DIRECT SELLING ASSOCIATION since 2005. CIEL's complete products go through the entire certification process, they have certificates of the international standard ISO 9001.

List of Ciel Partner Laboratories

Here is the list of partner laboratories of Brand Ciel: Mane, Drom fragrance, Takasago, Argeville, Symrise, Firmenich, Technico Flor, IFF.

Decorative cosmetics

Decorative cosmetics for the Ciel brand are made in leading laboratories in Italy, France, Switzerland and Germany, so you will always get excellent results using their products.

Our perfume laboratories: how our perfumes are made

What knowledge, experience do you have in the field?

Our aroma stylists are happy to help you make the best choice, because they have 19 years of experience working with perfumers. This allows you to choose a product tailored to you.

Thank you for visiting the cosmetics site, we wish you a pleasant online shopping and the best results using our brand products!

Best wishes, Malkhaz Tabagua, founder of Ciel in Georgia and perfume expert of the brand.

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