Make-up and decorative cosmetics

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Originally, face painting served the function of intimidation or defined a person's rank and position in society. The first decorative cosmetics were still used in ancient Egypt. The word "makeup" came from France.

«Maquillage» is translated as «disguise». Now by this word we mean the art of decorative decoration of the face (skin of the eyelids, lips, eyebrows and eyelashes, etc.) using certain cosmetics.

It is important to choose not only cosmetics, but also decorative cosmetics accessories, such as brushes, sponges and others. There are also more specialized types of makeup – wedding, carnival, pageant, catwalk, etc.

You can buy cosmetics and makeup products according to your color type, age and skin type. Professionals advise you to visit a cosmetologist and make-up artist beforehand, who will tell you which decorative cosmetics will suit you personally.

Facial makeup

თვალის ჩრდილების პალიტრა Ciel Eyeshadow Palette

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ტონალური კრემი Clinique Even Better Glow Light Reflecting SPF15

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Lip makeup