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Baldessarini's history as an independent brand began under the wing of HUGO BOSS. In 1993, Werner Baldessarini (at that time the chief designer of HUGO BOSS) first presented to the public - a brand for "real men", which was named after him.

Having designed the famous HUGO BOSS business suits, Werner passed this experience on to Baldessarini. 10 years after the birth of a new fashion name, Werner left HUGO BOSS and his brand followed him. The next bold move from Bldessarini concerned the company's advertising policy.

Instead of boring mannequins, the face of the brand became an ordinary person - Charles Shuman, a bartender and the author of a book about cocktails. The word «Balde» is an old Italian word meaning "bold", "brave" or "strong".

This word symbolizes strength, courage and nobility, which reflects the philosophy of the brand. Baldessarini offers his clients a bold and masculine style that emphasizes their confidence and strength.